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Photos by Tucker Mitchell
HERE Arts Center
November 2021

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Posters for PlayThings Theatre and HERE Arts Center 2021

In Koepsell House, 5 college students who live together in a vegan co-op try to make a small difference as they plan their annual Earth Day party. But they begin to question the real effects of their actions when a food ethics discussion divides them. In Ephraim, Wisconsin, Kyle returns home to care for his dying father only to become trapped in his taxidermy basement workshop by a violent April snowstorm with his childhood friend, two hunters, and a mysteriously omniscient singing Dead Deer. Five actors play the characters of each distinct world as, through ultimate catastrophe, their lives begin to reflect each other’s.

Written by Art Kopischke
Directed by Adam Coy
Directed by Jessica Harika
Directed by Rebecca Stone Thornberry

Presented at:
Egg & Spoon Theatre
The Artist Coop
Invited Dress
Playthings Theatre
HERE Arts Center
World Premiere Wisconsin

William Bellamy
Catherine Bloom
Brandon Bogenschutz
Harrison Bryan
Zephyr Ciesar
Evan Crommett
Sharif Fahim
Matt Gibson
Kenny Hahn
Shane Hall

Curtis Jackson
Kedian Keohan
Jo Kinsella
Oliver Lehne
Dom Martello
Darius Ovalles
Adam Petherbridge

Pascal Portney
Miller Pyke
Kennebrew Taylor
Daniel Yaiullo

Special Thanks To:
Nic Adams
H Conley
Gia Gonzales
Cora Katz
Sam Khazai
Simon Kopischke
Arden Levesque
Najee Macfarland
Laura and John Riddle
Kelly Stricland

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