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I’m interested in exploring how shape becomes sound and how sound becomes shape and deconstructing the hegemony’s around that. This instrument takes the numbers associated with keys on an ASCII keyboard and turns them into sine waves that then are reduced to notes in a traditional western keyboard, played and documented in a traditional western notation through midi. It also takes shape (the shape of how a letter is written, or the shape your body makes when speaking sign language,) takes those coordinates, and turns them into numbers which are again reduced to notes on a western scale and documented in western format. I want to interrogate what we think is music and what it takes (or what barriers there are) to create music and what we lose through this line of thinking. 


I’d like to take this beyond the western scale and work with midi and notation that recognizes more frequencies, then I’d like to synchronize the different forms of communication so it’s less of a divided experience. Finally, I'd like to make this accessible outside of MAX. 

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