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Photos by Emma Ressel

Bard College Old Gym

May 2016

A multi-media theatrical adventure following Tack, a late bloomer, on a lyrical adventure to the middle of the ocean. With the Man in the Moon as her guide, Tack goes on an emotional journey laden with sexual frustration, growing pains, and disenchantment in her quest to get her childhood friends back.
While at sea, Tack becomes a voyeur to the lives and romances of the Sirens and Fish Heads of the ocean, but when the opportunity to save her friends is lost, Tack must decide whether she can accept her role in this new world or continue to live in fantasy.

Written and produced by Art Kopischke
presented by:
The Bechdel Group
Skeleton Rep

Directed by
Dana Savage & Jaquan Beachem
Ria T. DiLullo

Designed by Lou Stainback
Music by Marc Pierre and Emily Rose

Elise Bell Alexander
Rachael Cain
Evelyn Carvera
Vince Edgehill

Sam Harmann
Suzanne Jackson
Sara Kerr
Susan Kim

Charlie Mai
Marc Pierre

Leah Rabinowitz
Ethan Rogers
Duncan Routh
AhDream Smith

Avalon Qian
Ashley Kristeen Vega

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